LS44 / Chinon Loop

103km south of Chinon

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Starting the ride in Chinon is probably the most accessible approach, although the actually ride runs from the small village of Coussay just outside Mirebeau.

The route takes in the town square at Richelieu, of Musketeer fame, before running down to the river at L'Ile Bouchard.

Crossing the river the road winds through the vineyards for which Chinon is known. It may be best to partake in moderation at this point in the ride.

Chinon is not only home to fine wines, but also to fine patisserie. A stop in the shadow of the chateau is Loire Valley cycling at its best.

Heading south out of town the route follows the main road towards Loudun, before joining the less busy lanes.

The road is surprisingly rolling and the wind is the arbiter of the effort required. Hidden chateaux, vineyards, quiet villages this is the agricultural heartland of the Southern Loire.

Ride Highlight Photo


Ride Highlight Photo