LS47 / Northern Gran Canaria

105 km San Mateo loop

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The best place to start this route is in San Matteo, as there are plenty of places to leave your car, it's easily accessible from the coast road and there is a wide choice of places to eat.

In Canarian style this route is twisty and hilly, with plenty of precipitous drops, stunning views and a healthy dose of hard work.

Head from San Matteo to Teror this is the flat 'ish' section of the loop.

The loop winds down towards the sea. It doesn't last though. Plenty of climbing characterises the route, with the standard vast variety of Gran Canaria unrolling beneath your wheels.

The final descent through the national park and Cuevas Grandes to San Matteo is of varying quality, but when we rode it (Jan 2015) it seemed that preparations were being made for improvements.

If you overshoot San Matteo on your return, the left turn up to La Yedra is optional, the road goes beyond the end of the guided loop and can be ridden back round and down, if you fancy a few steep ramps!

Ride Highlight Photo


Ride Highlight Photo