LS39 / Lanzarote

70km from La Santa

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Lanzarote has got to be one of the nicest places to ride a bike. It has great views, amazing road surfaces, and unbelievably nice car people. However, nothing's flat, and there's “WIND” and lots of it.

The route from La Santa heads out towards Soo and then a sharp right to Tiagua. Its pretty much all up hill to this point, and the view is moon like for the most part.

Although the volcano is down in the south west of the island the whole area feels flat (although it's not). Pretty much all of the roads are near perfect with new tarmac and standard single carriage way roads, no kerb, no gutter, but volcanic rock to the side.

The ride begins to head south west towards Uga, and starts to descend which feels much bigger than the drawn out climb you’ve just done, the final blast is the descent from Femes, hang on, and watch out for the killer bend! Once at the bottom you enter the National park of Timanfaya and the final climb of Montana Del Fuego (The Fire Mountain). If you were on your own and there where no tourists around this would be a real hairs on your neck place to be, spectacular and a beautiful place to ride, but I was happy I had company!

As soon as the moonscape is past, there's a feeling of rural Spain. A small drag brings you into Tinajo, followed by a great descent back to La Santa.

Ride Highlight Photo
Ride Highlight Photo
Ride Highlight Photo