LS27 / Lourdes - Soulor Loop

85km Lourdes mountain loop

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It's difficult to be able to give your all on one Col in a high mountains ride. This loop allows you to do just that!

Leaving the small village of Bun, the route heads down through the villages into the back of Argeles-Gazost, and joins the voie verte (signposted from the main road through the town) at the old railway station.

Arriving in Lourdes follow signs for the Grottes, which will take you through the back streets and tourist areas to join the minor road out of Lourdes.

Leaving town the road narrows and becomes rougher through the forest, eventually crossing the river and the railway to join the main road in the direction of Pau, into the village of St Pe de Bigorre.

The route returns to minor roads at the entrance to the village, the D226 towards Asson. Where the road reaches a T junction turn away from Asson and follow the river, favouring the valley road.

Le Pont du Moulin is where the route crosses the river on to the road which leads to the Soulor.

20km from the summit, Arthez d'Asson has two cafes convenient for coffee stops!

This is the time to spend what you have to get to the top of the Soulor...

At the top, there's an opportunity to pay a premium price for food and drink, or drop down into Arrens Marsous for more choice!

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