LS16 / 3 mountain roads & Elan Valley

145km Central Welsh mountains

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The route leaves the central car park in Rhayader, turning right and heading straight up the hill. This sets the tone for the ride - hilly and beautiful.

The descent in Llanidloes is an exciting conclusion to the first leg of the route.

Following a route in the opposite direction to normal changes the entire characteristic of the roads. This is certainly the case over the Machynllth stretch of the route, which runs the other way in LS03. Cafes abound along the High Street in Machynlleth, the old Welsh capital, worth stopping as the second half of the ride is longer.

A stretch of the coast road heading West with mountains on the one hand and the estuary on the other opens the second part of the ride. In Talybont the route switches back on itself and climbs the mountain road across to Ponterwyd.

As the road drops into the village there's a hard left hand bend in the road, take the straight option instead of turning. At the main road the route continues straight over, in case of a food emergency, or if you fancy a pasty, there is a garage just to the right on the main road before returning and following to Devil's Bridge.

Take a left before the Hafod Hotel on the way into Devil's Bridge. This is the Rhayader mountain road. Towards the top take a right hand turn and follow down through the Elan Valley back into Rhayader.