LS15 / Avonmouth - Mendips

100km Avonmouth - Kenn - Mendips

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Bristol is famous for engineering, particularly its bridges. The Avonmouth Viaduct is a less lauded, but nonetheless impressive piece of engineering, carrying the M5 from Shirehampton to Portbury.

Climbing over the Durdham Downs from the Portway leads by a semi-urban route through Shirehampton to the Avonmouth Viaduct.

The route then weaves though the hills above Nailsea to Kenn Moor and out to the Mendips via Shipham on to the top of the hills.

Dropping down to the lake at Blagdon, the route wends its way back to Bristol. The final sting in the tail is Providence Hill up out of Long Ashton.

It's a challenging and different Mendip route!