LS06 / Scottish Highlands - Lochinver

70km Lochinver loop

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This is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. Far to the North of the United Kingdom, stroking the cold underbelly of the Arctic Circle, the Scottish Highlands. Lochs, crags, golden eagles, wild otters, stags, this is not a land that belongs to man, it is a land for man to aspire to, to be inspired by, to glimpse the true wilderness, far from WiFi and health spas, and skinny lattes and spray tans.

All of that aside, this is a simple route to follow (3 roads in total), but a hard route to ride. Follow the main road out of town (the same road that you came in on…), when you reach the loch (lake) turn left up the mountain, it’s the only left. Over the mountain, the apparent detour to Kylesku (a Viking name) is primarily for the purpose of refreshment, Kylesku Hotel is highly recommended. The hotel overlooks the Loch and the old ferry crossing, now replaced by the spectacular bridge that you can cross by continuing on the main road rather than turning off to the village.

Back up the hill after coffee, and right on to the coast road, spectacular, but requiring a low gear. A clear day makes this one of the most beautiful and secluded rides. If you’re feeling strong, and you need to, this road rewards hard riding. At the very end of the road turn right back into Lochinver.

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