Stephen Bradbury’s Race Diary

Stephen Bradbury rides for Goma Dakwerken VDB Steenhouwerij in the Netherlands, and is also supported by True Start Coffee. He is our new pro rider blogger at Le Sportif! Follow his Twitter. You can also find a picture of him at the Bristol Grand Prix in Sean McGowan’s story.

I’m not sure how I can start this blog post. Normally I try to recount the good things that have happened or that I have done, but unfortunately there is not so much for me to say in that vein. I never what to be that guy who goes on about how this went wrong, and that went wrong. However, I have to be that person. Since my 1st crash I just haven’t had anywhere near the consistency that I wanted. Such is life. I guess everyone has years like this every now and again. All about how you deal with it I suppose!

A few days after I got back from the Tour de la Manche. My back started to develop some real issues. I was struggling to sit and stand let alone get round races. I spent ages thinking about what could have caused it, and to be honest with you I’m still not sure what it was. But thankfully it is on the mend.

I left Belgium a little bit earlier than I had planned. I decided to cut my losses and go home. Try and get it sorted and get back on the bike as soon as possible.

It was great to be home. As good as it is to live in Belgium, it’s not home is it? I had time to catch up the the girlfriend for her birthday and my family.

As my back got better I was able to slowly get back on the bike. I had entered a whole host of races for when I came home. As part of a weekend trip I went and rode the Bristol Grand Prix.

If you had asked me 2 months ago what result, I wanted I would have told you that I’d have been happy with a top 10. But as It was I went into the race with no expectations. I knew it would be hard and it definitely lived up to that! I made the initial split but I wasn’t able to follow it for the full race so ended up in the 2nd group and rolled in 20th. Not a complete disaster!

The next day I rode the CC Luton RR. Unfortunately, my back gave up after 2 hours and I had to call it a day.

I did have a re-introduction to British racing however. Bowling along in a breakaway, with about 30 seconds on the pack. Came across a digger in the road. Got slowed by the commissaries, caught by the bunch and then set off again together. The joys of racing on open roads!

The following weekend saw a couple more races. I went and rode the Wallingford Festival of Cycling. Moral of the story, always look for the lap board…. I did not. 6th place.

On my last day in the UK I rode the Reading Track League. And came away with the John Ralph Points race trophy. Which was nice!

So looking forward now what do I have planned? A Belgian Cup round on the 3rd of July which is a Team Time Trial. 45km round Borlo in the Limburg region of Belgium. I also have the Tour Of Vlaams Brabant at the end of July, Which will be a good goal to work towards.

Hopefully my next entry will be full of good news and general positivity!

Tot ziens for now!