Tour of Britain, World Championships, cake


The last month seems to have passed in a blur of rapidly moving concrete as a busy racing schedule took hold. As soon as one race finished it seemed like I was lining up for the next one, it felt like an almost hypnotic routine of morning pasta, rotating bicycle wheels and pain. It was great to be in a routine of uninterrupted racing and have confidence to race aggressively. Tiredness crept in towards the end of the month, but in all honesty it was probably more mental fatigue from the pressure of trying to gain selection for the Tour of Britain.

Once it was decided that I wouldn’t be racing it was bizarrely quite refreshing and felt as if I was coming up to breath, energy levels rising higher. This was perhaps, a lesson in how I can let pressure affect me negatively. I feel like I have ridden at probably my best ever level over the last month, making the breakaway consistently in some high rank races. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed to miss out on the Tour of Britain, but that is how the cookie crumbles!

If I gain selection for U23 Worlds, the aim is that I will be in a better place to achieve a good result there without a 1,400km pro race recently in the legs. One last crack at the U23 cherry and world domination… For Sparta, for glory!

So when I say coming up for breath, what I really mean is getting in a few well needed ‘recovery’ days. Basically, this means riding to the cafe and having brunch, which is mainly what I live for.

For some reason I have never really ridden into Gent for Cafe stops but recently I finally found the secret canal route into the city. This holy grail of bike paths bypasses the busy and unappetising outskirts, dropping you off straight into the centre. You just need to know which canal to take; hence the secret canal route is born!

Gent really is an amazing place to wander around on a bicycle, with new streets at every turn. I also discovered some rather fantastic coffee shops, with proper coffee that blows your socks off, and cake.

I love riding my bike at the moment; all is well in my own little world of mini solo cycling adventures!

After a race in Holland on Sunday I am driving down to stay at my Uncle and Auntie’s place in the Alps for the week and enjoy some good training roads plus a pleasant change of scenery. I’m looking forward to getting lost in the mountains, before coming back to Belgium for the final few races of the season. Hopefully finish on a high!