It just gets tougher…


Praise the Lord! I am back in Spain!

The last few days back home felt like I was constantly riding in a washing machine, a muddy one at that. I survived Christmas with not too much damage though and managed to restrain myself to only eating 2 turkeys and not the usual.

After I got over the work done in Spain in December it was very pleasant indeed to relax a bit at home. I still managed to get some good training done including a 6 hour stint close to Northampton with my ever faithful training partner Doug. We had a brief moment of panic when I semi-broke my chain at the furthest point of the loop. Thank god for random, convenient, bike shops that spring up in the middle of nowhere!

So yes, now I am back in Mallorca and ready for a 3 week block of some bad ass training.

Racing is fast approaching now with our team programme beginning early February. Nerves are rising.

On a more serious note, not yet having my new team bike, I have a random clicking coming from my bike which is slightly ruining the mood out in paradise. As any frequent cyclist knows a random clicking can drive one to insanity.

I’m not going to let this one get the better of me though, I’ve brought loud dance music on my ipod. Hopefully, after a good trouble shooting yesterday, I think I have solved it so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I’ll write an update before I head over to Calpe for the next team camp in 10 days. This one is going to be hard, where all the fun begins and when things start to get interesting; stay tuned!