An Post Chainreaction

Conor's new team for 2014

Conor in the green of Ireland

So after a great 3 years in the black and white of VL Technics – Abutriek I will be moving on to ride for An Post – Chain Reaction next season. I have to say a massive thank you to everyone at VL Technics for all the help and support I received, I felt like I was taken into the team and was made to really feel at home. It will be nice to see everyone again at the races next year and catch up though.

I’m really happy to have been given the opportunity to ride for Post next year. I first met Kurt Bogaerts, the manager, at the European championships and liked his way of doing things. It will be a step up from what I have been doing currently with a greater quantity and quality of UCI races but I’m really looking forward to the new challenge!

I will once again be based in Belgium but with new digs at the team accommodation in Buggenhout. Quite looking forward to the team house environment again, it can be a bit hectic at times but it is never boring.

A cool fact for you: I think I’ll be the tallest rider on a UCI registered team in the world… first win of the season out of the way already!!

The first races for the team start around February time with racing coming pretty thick and fast from March onwards.

Until then I’ve got a lot of hard training to do to get in shape. I’ve just had 2 weeks off the bike, and have slowly been getting back into training and am looking forward to starting to get some good work done. I have a training camp with the team in Spain at the start of December and then I think I will be staying out there for a few more weeks for some good warm weather training.

Plenty of sun, sea and cycling to look forward to!

I’m going to try and write a regular blog/diary on here detailing all my latest adventures and what I’ve been up to. So keep an eye out on this site!

Thanks for reading, Conor.