LS07 / Lake Geneva

176km clockwise lap of the Lake

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Word on the street is that a clockwise loop is 10km shorter than an anti-clockwise loop… True or no, the prevailing breeze is southerly making a run up the western side of the lake more favourable, with the hope of shelter coming back down the foot of the Alps. For the gravitationally challenged cyclist this represents the most friendly outing available, but is a largely enjoyable route for all.

The Garmin file has a detour to the Lake’s northern coast, at the mouth of the Rhone, this takes in some more remote and quiet country lanes, but is less direct. There are also areas where the route strays from the shoreline, it is far better to follow the shoreline wherever possible, particularly on the section south of Evian, as the main road funnels traffic onto the autoroute.

Coffee stops are generally of a higher standard than the norm and (in Switzerland particularly) of a significantly higher price. Traditionally a lap of the lake is undertaken over a weekend, which allows for a more leisurely ‘lifestyle’ approach, highly recommended, although maybe avoid fondue at lunchtime. There’s no reason for not completing in one day if that is your wont. Further to which, ‘Chez ma Cousine’ in the old city of Geneva offers a reasonably priced and delicious (chicken) dinner in Place du Bourg de Four.

If you experience inclement weather you will need to clean your bike fairly sharpish, on the eastern side of the Lake quarries provide an excellent grinding paste for all moving parts, not recommended. Hot Point ( on Rue des Pâquis is a handy bike shop.

One final tip, the Swiss provide excellent bike lanes, they therefore require you to use them.

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It's all about Fabian and fondue