The Truth

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Is this the future of racing? No obviously not, but for those of us who like to test ourselves when out riding (training is a loaded term) Strava may well be the answer. If you haven’t joined the band then follow this and sign up for your free account!

To summarise, Strava allows you to upload file from your Garmin to your Strava account. The ride is then mapped alongside other rides covering the same ground, in whole or in part, and produces a wide variety of statistics to either humiliate or glorify your capability. It’s always a pleasure to find that some obscure road has now become an internet col, or Strava ‘segment’, and your speed up it is important, both to your personal best and to the possible King (or Queen) of the Mountains. (How can a sport so dependent upon lycra not have a Queen of the Mountains).

Rapid development of sub cultures is a feature of these post modern times, and none more rapidly developing than the Strava hunters. Posting faster and faster times Strava hunters are pounding the hills, the flats, the sprints, the bridges, and any other random section of road that takes their fancy. Glory! Your name in pixels…

Le Sportif, a non competitive entity at the best of times, must confess to an underlying consciousness of Strava whilst on well ridden roads, but does this add a new element to the favourite routes, or spoil the ride? That’s the beauty! It’s your choice, you can still save your work on Garmin Connect, and you don’t have to share it with the world on Strava. If some day a ride feels good and fast, or a tail wind carries you swiftly over the hard sections, put them up and show them off! If, as occasionally may be the case, you feel like a dog licking a rock then leave it out.

As with other social forums you can choose who to follow. Le Sportif has signed up to follow Laurens ten Dam, hard as nails pro rider, the entertainment here is gleaned from comparing stats and being astonished at your own inability. The craze goes on, follow your friends and their ‘segments’, and follow who they’re following, and watch their stats, and see which pros they’re following and see if the pros you’re following are better… is this just top trumps for the internet?

Open the door to the true cyclist within and all conversations turn to cycling, Strava, the ultimate accessory for the cycling geek! That’s why we’re on board! See you on the road, or online!