Sharpness Docks Reliability Trial

Winter Sunshine & Pizza

The sun shines on the righteous, or so they say. An early Sunday morning start was well rewarded by a live giving bloom of winter sunshine. A true blessing after the inclement conditions of the first event.

The quiet lanes of South Gloucestershire unfurled gracefully beneath the wheels of the group. The groups split at the 60km turn and the 100km group pushed on to make the most of a favourable breeze pushing them on to Sharpness. As is the way of the wind, what passes for fitness on the way out unravels in the face of the breeze becoming a more challenging prospect for the journey home.

The 60km group enjoyed wall to wall sunshine. The 100km group were fortunate enough to catch a heavy hailstorm on the run in to Bristol - a chilly finish to a great day out!

The riders were well fuelled by Mule Bar, organic, fair trade, energy bars, with biodegradable wrappers, a great British product. The return to the Hen and Chicken, just up the road from Strada Cycles, offered a fantastic Sunday lunch, with a pizza deal for riders being the popular choice!

Thanks to all who rode, we look forward to seeing you for the next event, same start, different route, on February 10th.