Reliability Trials 2013

Test your fitness.

The wisdom of living in a city such as Bristol revolves around its development as a natural hub. Being cyclists we like hubs, and the spokes emanating from this hub are the multiple options we have each time we sling a leg over our saddles.

This thought aside, it may have passed you by, although not as easily as summer did, it is now winter. For many motivation fades with the fading light, and the prospect of Christmas celebrations can lead to a sort of Arctic winter when daylight is never seen as life becomes a self perpetuating cycle of hangover and pre hangover preparation (drinking).

In order to dodge this metaphorical bullet, or to aid your cycling rehabilitation from it, the new year brings three new Bristol reliability trials, hence the earlier discourse on hubs. These will help your winter motivation in one of two ways. 1) You will restrain yourself over the festive season in order to restrict development of anti-Assos girth and to maintain your cycling pride. 2) You will indulge yourself to the fullest extent safe in the knowledge that you can kick start your new year, and claim that your base layer is to blame for your expanded physique.

The rides will offer a choice of 60km or 100km (approximately) routes, and are not competitive, although timing bands are published and finishing certificates will be issued. You can sign on on the day, the price is £10 per rider.

By now you may be wondering what the difference is, apart from the price, between a reliability trial and a sportif. A reliability trial is the traditional name for an organised ride, held during the off season, originally aimed at finding the weak spots of your physique or equipment. In these days of reliable bikes and well paved roads it is a term that has fallen out of use, possibly due to the subtext of the word ‘trial’. A reliability trial is a sportif-lite with all the flim flam cut away and the central issue being the ride. Food and drink will be available, as well as any weather warnings! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!