Paris Roubaix Ride Review

Keith Warmington

Paris Roubaix at the Mud Dock Cafe

Sunday’s “Paris-Roubaix” ride from Mud Dock was a hugely enjoyable affair. After coffee in the cafe a group of around 25 cyclists eased away and made our way out of the city.

Ride leader Pip had devised a route that took us off road for a while, so it was that a fairly classy array of machinery found itself trundling along the bike path to Pill….unexpected, but fun.

One of the best things about these sorties is the non-competitive nature of them, everyone feels a part of it and no one’s struggling along alone and miles behind, there were riders there who will definitely come again because of this.

Better weather than of late undoubtedly added to the enjoyment of the ride. As we made our way through Portishead and Clevedon via a network of cycle paths and quiet country lanes there were finally the first signs of our much delayed spring.

Backwell came, went, came again, along with a bit of Nailsea before we finally ended up on the bike route that took us to Long Ashton and so to Bristol, a celebratory lap of the Queens Square cobbles, and food.

Bikes securely parked up at Mud Dock, showers for those who felt the need and we all trooped upstairs for lunch and the great joy of watching the Queen of Classics on a big screen with a load of other cyclists. If you’re a footie fan its easy, you just need to find a pub with a big screen and you’re away; even post-Bradley you’d probably struggle to get a positive response to, “any chance we can watch the cycling?”!

So there it was, a perfect cycling day; smashing ride, great company, delicious grub and the most exciting “classic” I ‘ve watched for ages, all for a tenner. Big thanks to Jerry at Mud Dock, Pip Adkins from Le Sportif, Fabian Cancellara and Sep Vanmarcke. More please!