Nearly time to race…

Learning dance moves from Sean Kelly.


So it seems I have now said goodbye to Mallorca for at least the winter. I even made a one off appearance on Palma velodrome, much to the amusement of my fellow Cycling Ireland (@IreCyclingFed) housemates. A few laughs were had at my expense when I came flying round the banking sitting on the cross bar due to a bit of seat post slippage! All I can say is watch this space to see if me and fixed gear bikes is more than a one off.

I finished the week off well though on the road and then took the short flight to Alicante with fellow team mate Jack Wilson for our last team camp of the winter with An Post – ChainReaction.

It has been a decent week of training here with the team and Nico Eeckhout (21 years a pro! @eeckhoutniko) has been chief drill master. We have been doing a lot more specific stuff with drills etc. This culminated in riding up and down a climb 10 times today.

The roads around Calpe are a hive of activity at the moment with cyclists training literally everywhere. The beginning of the season is now feeling very close!

Apart from training we have been doing a bit off the bike as well. Cadence Performance have been here all week putting in a massive shift sorting everyone out with bike fits and giving out some really good advice on how to improve our positions. I have already started to notice the benefits from a few tweaks!

We have also been given a shed load of kit from Portuguese clothing manufacturer ONDA. I didn’t know some of the stuff I have been given even existed. Chamois is awesome as well, something for which my perennial area will be very, very grateful.

I’ve spent most of my downtime semi-paralyzed on my bed but did manage to gain enough energy to pick myself up and visit the spa. It was a tough walk to the lift. It was a pretty good spa, I’ll give it that. Had a few showers, couple of Jacuzzis and gave the plunge pool/sauna combo a whirl. It didn’t really compare to the nudist spa I experienced in Holland though. Less said about that the better.

Sean Kelly has been ever present at this camp, giving out advice and keeping a watchful eye over us. I witnessed him do a little dance to ‘Blurred Lines’ on the radio whilst I had my massage. I guess he is feeling optimistic about the season ahead! Legend.