Self actualisation stands at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The peak of human motivation, including embracing the truth and acceptance of reality.

Early doors in the cold, wet, windy dawn. Yes, it’s another summer ride in Bristol.

If there’s anything a cyclist understands it’s motivation. Or perhaps if there’s anything a cyclist understands it’s addiction. Lulled by the spinning pedals and distracted and fascinated by an incalculable equation of geography and physical effort.

Embracing the truth and accepting reality is not the stuff of economics, or the stuff of cycling. The best example of this is the new bike syndrome. I don’t need it, I can’t afford it, but I will have it. Acceptance of reality. As with the best economics it’s based on expectation. If I have it, I will use it.

Once we’re past this hurdle what is it that inspires you and keeps you riding after 3 hours in the rain?

Firstly, make sure that you don’t have a taxi number in your phone.

Secondly, examine the inside of your head. Even Einstein saw the bicycle as critical for his inspiration.

But really, it’s about Contador’s smooth style, sliding into the dream of the long solo break of the tour….