Local Racing

Bristol Grand Prix

Cycling is a working man’s sport they say. The sport of the people. The working man must be working extremely hard, judging by the price tags on some of the bikes about at the moment.

But the point remains, cycling is the sport of the people! We can go and watch it for free, we can emulate our heroes on our way to work, we can experience the magic that self propulsion provides. It’s our sport, it’s not owned by anyone, it’s owned by everyone.

This is the vein within which cycling exists. While we can switch on the telly and see multinationals branding the emaciated forms of the legends of the sport, equally we can see the local garage or estate agent branding the backside of the rider round the corner. It’s a strange phenomenon though, how TV brings a validity to something, a public acceptance. It becomes a case of if the tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise? Or, similarly, if a ride isn’t on Strava did it really happen, and even if it did, will you get any fitter because of it?

TV is the lifeblood of sport. But it shouldn’t rob the achievement of our sport. As you can only beat those who turn up on the day, bike racing means that you will only ever be the best rider in the group of riders that you’re in, and that is only for a fleeting moment, and not a decision you can make. This is the true beauty of cycling, it is about humility in victory, about a shared experience as much as an individual triumph.

While crowds besiege the Tour de Yorkshire, there are plenty of events across the country where riders will be attacking and chasing, sprinting, climbing and winning, taking part in sportives, races and all manner of other cycling experiences - with family and friends watching.

And this brings us to our race, the Bristol Grand Prix. Our vision is for the race to be part of the Bristol cycling community, for us all to be proud of. To ride a lap with the mayor or to sprint for the Elite level victory. We want this to be authentic. We want the non-cyclists of Bristol to respect the endeavours of their fellow citizens. To realise that the rainy day commuter is striving as hard as the lycra-clad human shaving.

Our lives are primarily made up in our local area. The local businesses we visit everyday all create the city that we live in and contribute to our lives. That’s why we’re proud to have so many of them working with us to bring on the Bristol Grand Prix. Turn out to support them, go and buy whatever they sell, favour them over others as they have contributed more to the city where you make your life everyday. It’s romantic, it’s practical, it’s grass routes and sustainable, it’s everything that a bike race should be! We look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like to contribute or volunteer please get in touch through our website and crowdfunder, www.bristolgrandprix.com.