Grand Tours


One day races, 3 day races and week long stage races make legends of professional cyclists. But the road to the pantheon of cycling has only one route, the Grand Tour.

Three times a year the elite stage racers face off in an unparalleled arena - three weeks of hard racing. Showcasing their talents on the flats, against the clock and where the road turns upwards. The men, the heroes, of these epic confrontations are strong, light, calm, cunning and ruthless.

Across Italy, France and Spain millions glimpse the fighting spirit of the breakaways and the flash of the peloton on the open road. Across the world live television brings this battle of wits and of strength, the sacrifice, the chancers, the vanquished and the victors to the living rooms of a vast multitude. The natural beauty juxtaposes the ferocious endeavour and makes immortal not only the athlete but the open roads of their endeavours, which in turn become the pilgrimages of our unique sport.

A sport which unites through shared experience, which gives birth to understanding, and must culminate in awe of those who even dare to start the Grand Tour.