Express yourself

Dario Pegoretti

Too often we hear about products with soul or passion. This is the type of marketing hyperbole which leaves a feeling similar to that of licking a nylon carpet, dry and defiled.

This tired short hand is attempting to establish the fact that the product has a degree of expertise accumulated through long practise and an interest in the final outcome which goes beyond that of the average government jobsworth. Finding satisfaction of this degree in one’s employment is all too rare, which in turn is all too obvious.

In conjunction with this wealth of experience, the sign of an intelligent and innovative manufacturer is the incorporation of outside influences in solving their problems and contributing another perspective to the product.

Bearing all of this in mind the handiwork of Dario Pegoretti can be seen as illustrative of these virtues.

Riding a bike built for somebody else can be a strange experience, but Keith’s Pegoretti proved a comfortable, responsive and agile ride. The finish is superb, the craftmanship immaculate. This bike takes it back to the old school, the antithesis of the Look 695 from earlier this year.

On reflection the contrast of the Look and the Pegoretti, whilst they share the same production values, expresses the inclusive yet diverse nature of the world of cycling.

Nadav Kander