Conor, Nations Cups, Flanders, Picardie, ZLM & vomiting.

This is good for me?

Well, I’d love to write about some good news but unfortunately my luck hasn’t improved over recent weeks. After starting to feel myself come back into some kind of fitness I’ve come up against another illness related brick wall which is very frustrating. This time it is gastroenteritis which hit me after the Nations Cups finished last weekend. Rather amusingly it is the illness in which the phrase ‘no guts, no glory’ originated. This rings true for me at the minute as I have no guts and definitely no glory.

I’m pretty much better now to be honest and it won’t be a big setback compared to February’s flu. I don’t know when I went from running with the lions and the tigers to being a weakling though. Once I’m better it is something I am going to get to the bottom of to make sure there is nothing underlying.

Before the illness I enjoyed another experience in the Ireland jersey immensely at the U23 Nations Cups.

It’s fair to say that the peloton was probably the most nervous I have ridden in for a long time. In U23 Flanders I saw an unbelievable amount of crashes in the first 10km, it was like star wars on bikes; bombs going off everywhere. I survived the week in one piece although did take a bit of a lie down in the mid-week La Cote Picardie. I then found myself rather frustratingly chasing back on in the massive cross-wind section of death which kind of ended my race before subsequently puncturing and hammering the final nail in the coffin.

ZLM was an improvement and Ireland rode a great team race with Me, Jack and Ryan riding in the second echelon for most of the day before the front group all came together. The start of that race is always a shock to the system and I was tasting blood for a fair while. Ryan did a great job at the end by rolling off the front and into the winning breakaway, taking 6th. This secured vital qualification for the U23 World Championships, so everyone was in good spirits after.

So with good moral, I began what I hoped would be a hard week of training, with good form only round the corner. Then bang, lying in bed with some serious stomach pains and the energy to only just make it down the stairs. Sucks. Oh well, I’ll be back soon enough, still a lot of fight left in this giant!