Conor is Rocky

Kind of...

Post Nations Cups I embarked on rocky-esque training to get back to good form. A lot of long rides and some motor pacing with some kermesses which I used for training.

It worked out quite well for me, I came 4th in an U23 Kermesse and was feeling reasonable. Then I came 4th again in a kermesse in Vilvoorde with 190 starters. I was starting to feel better. Both times I watched the winner celebrate in front of me, especially frustrating as they were given free wine on the podium. In eager anticipation I’ve been practising my celebrations in training, although hopefully out of site… hopefully I’ll be putting them to good use soon!

After Vilvoorde I developed a particularly bad saddle sore which made me sick with worry for a day. Think golf ball, I genuinely thought it was the end for me. My housemate, Josh, was no help in calming my nerves. I was already starting to think of retirement and sent off a few enquiring emails to various circuses. There’s always high demand for giants.

Unlike poor Ivan Basso though, things in the perineum area thankfully improved pretty quickly and I was back on the bike after two easy days. Disaster avoided.

This weekend I’m racing in my first big race since the Nations Cups in the form of Circuit de Wallonie (uci 1.2). It features a 25% berg tackled 5 times with the last ascent 1km before the finish. As it is the second round of the Belgium Topcomp series it will be hotly contested and a tough race but I’d like to think I have the form to get up there.

After Wallonie I’m racing the Ras in Ireland which I’m really looking forward to.