Come ride with us!

Friendly road riding...

Welcome to Le Sportif! We’re a Bristol based cycling community and 2015 is a huge year for us, with plenty of riding and even some racing, the Bristol Grand Prix on 20 June.

For 2015 we’re working with Trek, Mud Dock (Bristol) and Bay Cycles (Torquay), with Torq supplying energy for our Epic Rides.

We have rides for everyone, come along and give it a try. Our rides include social rides for all, ladies’ rides for, well, ladies, Epic Rides which are car supported, and faster rides (Fast Tuesdays & Fast Women on Wednesdays). We also offer bespoke ride packages for any adventures you may have in mind, for companies, groups or just for you, let us know what you would like or we’ll suggest a route for you (

You’ll need a road bike, a positive attitude and a friendly demeanour! You can find out what’s on and book your place from our Events page.

Mud Dock are selling our most awesome Le Sportif jerseys this year, each one comes with a discount card which offers generous discounts in the Cycleworks, the Cafe, and for bike servicing, as well as free showers and bike parking. If you do enough riding these jerseys will definitely make you fitter and, failing that, will make you the sartorial envy of all your riding companions.

The best rides are flowing, scenic, challenging and have a great coffee stop. With this in mind we have a catalogue of rides we love which you can download and enjoy, or add to if you have a particular favourite that you would like to share.

If you would like to write a blog, send us your favourite ride, or contribute in any way to Le Sportif please drop us a line -