Bikes on TV


The egalitarian approach to cycling that is the very basis of Le Sportif seems well reflected by this online TV station. To further establish the validity of this fabulous facility, Le Sportif must admit to more than a passing interest in this new media sensation. That is to say, the presenter Matt Carr has some input into the beauty of the site where you are currently resident. However, Le Sportif must also stress that there is no other link between the two.

Matt Carr is referred to as a cycling legend in many circles, his career in cycling is extensive, dramatic and ongoing! Highlights include sterling rides in the 2010 and 2011 Le Sportif (de Pip) annual rides. In 2010 he achieved the distinction of being the only rider to compete on a cyclocross bike, and by extension the only rider to crash when reliable brakes were required. In 2011 he completed the course on the same (now single speeded) cross bike and suffered for it, as was only right.