A dream of spring!

Winter slumbering in the open air, Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring!

There comes a time in the life of every cyclist when the pleasure of cleaning one’s steed starts to wear a little thin. Every ride, every damn ride leaves the bike covered in mud with some creak, grind or rub of complaint in protest at the terrible road conditions.

The airwaves of the talk radio stations are a ferocious blast of complaint against the weather, the resultant holes in the road, the traffic, the pain, the suffering of the righteous motor car owner. Why doesn’t the government DO SOMETHING?

This boiling, impotent frustration becomes but a whisper in the face of the outrage when the cyclist’s front wheel disappears into a square edged pot hole disguised as a puddle, unavoidable due to the inconsiderate, oncoming, moronic driver. A puncture in the rain, a dent in the rim, and filthy, freezing hands wrestling a slimy tube back into an awkward tyre.

The bike is tired, the rider is tired, the temperature is low, matched by the morale, motivation is seeping away.

One morning, when things can get no worse, the balance changes. The light from behind the curtains is brighter, more intense, less defused, the cloud has gone overnight and the sun is out. Stepping outdoors it’s clear that this new taste of warmth will mean less clothes and therefore more flexibility, and more positivity. Spring has been sprung upon us!

How easily the wheels roll beneath us, the sunshine reflected on the clean machine, which bears us cheerfully forwards. All passing companions of the road wear smiles and nod a cheerful greeting! The legs feel freshened by the winter miles which seem to melt into the muscles bringing fitness and strength to the heart, and unalloyed joy to the soul!

This passing of the season makes the soon forgotten winter seem worthwhile. Although we know that the cold and wet aren’t banished forever, we see the hope and the freshness of a new season is forcing itself from the cold to flourish in the sun!

Yes, it was the first sunny weekend of the year, and a lot of miles were covered!